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Weather & your outdoor session(s)

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Shooting outside gives you so many options and challenges. One of which is weather. I recently took a trip to North Carolina and drove through approximately six states. What a difference in weather from region to region! We also can’t always rely on our forecast specialists… this is why you should always be prepared.

How? Well depending on the time of year it can change. I will always suggest a blanket (or two or three), an umbrella, and a change of shoes (maybe clothes). I would also advise consulting your photographer before saying ‘Oh no! It’s raining, we need to reschedule!’ There are some adorable shots you can get while raining (and hence the suggestions for being prepared).

Here are some suggestions by season/weather.

Spring: wet, cool breezes, partially cloudy days. Your typical April showers bring May flowers. Be prepared for rain/sprinkles. Umbrella, rain boots, rain jacket. Great for being goofy and jumping in puddles. Or lay out a blanket next to some beautiful spring flowers and just relax.
Summer: hot, warm breezes, sunny, humid. Beach weather! I love the beach, I love the sun. It’s great to shoot in, but you may need to make your own shade. Again blankets for a picnic, consider going barefoot while walking with your significant other. Hats and sun glasses are always cute too. Ladies (and some men) wearing your hair up during your shoot this time will be best.
Fall: cooler, some rain, overcast. Beautiful fall leaves, if you have more than two seasons a year. A scarf and/or light sweaters are great to keep the chill away. Umbrellas for the possible rain (still very pretty with the leaves even wet). Consider you may get into the leaves and relive some good times, either jumping into them &/or having a leaf fight.
Winter: Snow, cold cold cold, and overcast. Bring a thermos with hot cocoa or tea. Boots, gloves scarves, vests/jackets, blankets and hats all are good for a cute rustic winter session. Consider ice-skating if your area has a local outside area for such recreations. Don’t forget snowball fights, snow angels, or snowmen are all fun to do no matter your age (as long as there is snow to be had).
Life isn’t perfect, and weather won’t always cooperate. Consider again the possibilities before rescheduling. As the old adage goes … when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

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