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Why you should have your own professional photographer.

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Life is full, no matter how you live it. Engagements, weddings, babies (human and furry), graduations and so much more. Our friends and families love visual aids for stories – it makes them so much better (and easier to picture).collage-1

Being well into the digital age you may wonder why you need a professional photographer. There are many arguments for and against getting a professional. Some make sense and others make me roll my eyes. Yet I want to make my case as to why you want one. Especially choosing one for life.
Besides your usual cases for patronage of small businesses; it’s less stress. You get to PARTICIPATE in what ever life event you’re celebrating, enjoying the moment. Your friends and family get to do the same. You also then don’t have to worry about awkward tensions if problems arise for any reason.
It’s your chosen professionals’ responsibility for quality control, timeliness in the editing process and how they interact with your friends, family and, if invited, colleagues. Their personal lives play no part in family politics. Your photographer will also be more objective at deciding great quality images. They’ll look at composition and content as a part of the whole image, not just seeing if everyone is smiling.
When you keep a photographer for life you’ll always be happy with your pictures. You’ll get to collaborate with them and have actually fun during your sessions. You will no longer hate getting your picture taken!
If you get OCD about the pictures in your home (you know who you are) you get more consistency! All you have to do is say ‘Remember photo x-‘ and your photographer will respond similar to ‘I got this.” 🙂 Great ones will anticipate and automatically get it during the session, even if you forget to ask.
If you assume that you cannot afford a professional photographer, I ask that you reconsider. Many professionals have retention or referral programs and are more willing to work with you if you’re a returning client. A good rapport helps. Your chosen photographer may even come to you in need for new fresh pictures for various projects.
So seize your moment. Live it, remember it and don’t forget to trust your photographer!

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